Hackney, UK

Introducing The Orb: KA7

Experience a breathtaking fusion of art and sound as we unveil The Orb, an innovative reimagining of KA5 by Ariel and Belle. This ambitious creation offers a unique, suspended orb that transports you to new dimensions of consciousness through immersive 3D soundscapes and live tattooing sessions.

The Orb's Journey

The original plan for The Orb was to have it gracefully descend to the floor of Two More Years venue in Hackney Wick during set times for an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, the mezzanine floor of the venue collapsed, but rest assured, The Orb was not responsible and no one was injured. Stay tuned as we work to bring The Orb back to life at a future date.

The Orb: A Sensory Wonderland Awaits

As we continue to refine The Orb's technical specifications, prepare yourself for a transformative event that will elevate your consciousness and leave an indelible mark on your soul. Join us in transcending the boundaries of traditional sonic experiences, and be among the first to witness the unparalleled magic of The Orb.