A laboratory of consciousness

We believe that new ideas require new forms of consciousness and that a new laboratory of thought and feeling is called for. Sonic Sphere aims to create an unlimited instrument of empathy, one capable of conjuring new vistas of experience that can open the door to new modes of thought, feeling, and action in the world.

Culture in our cities

Historically, cultural spaces have been cornerstones of our cities, key to the dialogue that makes us human. But our cultural spaces today lack vitality. We need a new type of space that comes after libraries, theaters, and cinemas: a place for people to come together, as they always have, but in a fashion that once again generates excitement and dialogue.

Our relationship with technology

Technology is isolating us and driving us apart, reducing empathy and imagination. We need more spaces that allow technology to delight and inspire us, not just passively, but in ways that provoke action. Used in the right way and combined with the appropriate architecture, technology can begin to bring us together and not in a way that impoverishes our freedom and creativity.

Responsive spaces

We are in the midst of an exponential age where society changes at an ever-increasing pace. To continue to serve us, our cities need to be just as dynamic. As our needs change, so should the architecture around us. It must respond to the communities it serves by being agile, flexible, and transformable, in contrast to the static, imaluable, and expensive architecture of today.

The creative playground

The way technology is used today restricts artistic freedom and ambition. Commercial pressures and lowering attention spans are pushing artists to the short form, not allowing them to explore ideas and themes fully. We want to create a space where artists can take a participant on a creative journey, firing all their senses and creating a significant memory that then shapes their lives.