Ed Cooke

Ed Cooke is a multidisciplinary explorer of consciousness. A former memory champion, he is the co-founder and chairman of Memrise, the popular language learning app; a pioneer of online parties; a published author; and the instigating co-founder of Sonic Sphere, where he leads the team. His writing has appeared in the Guardian and the Journal of Consciousness Studies. He’s currently working on a general theory of parties.
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Jessica Lair

As a former professional opera singer turned technologist, Jessica Lair has transitioned from the stage to the fast-paced world of technology. With a rich background in music, Lair brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical skills to their current role as production lead for end-to-end operations and logistics with the Sonic Sphere.
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Jeremy Guillory

Jeremy Guillory is an engineer and entrepreneur who has designed military aircraft, an electric motorcycle which was stylish enough to be crowned GQ magazine’s product of the year, and one of the world's leading self-driving cars. He has been on the founding team of five companies, three of which were sold for a combined total of more than $1 billion. He is passionate about community-driven art and the infusion of all manner of art into everyday experience.

Nicholas Christie

Engineering director
Nicholas Christie has helped realize a menagerie of unusual structural and sculptural projects, both professionally and recreationally. As delivery lead for the Sonic Sphere, he is now working to take Sonic Sphere at The Shed from dream to reality.
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Merijn Royaards

Creative director
Merijn Royaards is a sound architect, researcher, and performer guided by convoluted movements through music, art, and spatial studies. The interaction between space and sound in cities with a history/present of conflict has been a recurring theme in his multimedia works to date. His 2020 awarded doctoral thesis explores the state-altering effects of sound, space, and movement from the Russian avant-garde to today’s clubs and raves. He is one part of a critical-essay film practice with artist-researcher Henrietta Williams and teaches sound design for film and installation art at the Bartlett School of Architecture.
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Stephane Lee

Lighting software
Stephane Lee is a software engineer who dabbles in the likes of LEDs. He’s helped with other large-scale projects, such as a 30-foot chameleon on wheels. Lee is helping on the sphere to get the lighting system orchestrated.
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James Hurst

Brand Designer
Having shaped global brands on both the agency and client side, James has been called Global Creative Director and Head of Brand Design for some big names. That doesn’t compete with his deep love of music. He’s released his own EPs and been the creative partner for many wonderful humans.
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Thomas O'Duffy

Thomas, a strategist and technologist, has spent 25 years driving digital transformation and growth for businesses and tech startups. As a playful polymath and explorer of consciousness, he brings deep curiosity, creativity and clarity to visionary projects. He came up with the name, Sonic Sphere.

John Briscella

John Briscella is an industrial, architectural, and urban designer based in NYC. With a focus on 3D-modeling, large-scale public art, and emerging technology, John creates innovative experiences for virtual and physical worlds. He collaborated on the design and logistics for Sonic Sphere.
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Andrew Melchior

CTO of Massive Attack and a member of Björk’s production team. Thirty years of arts and multimedia technology innovation, including David Bowie’s revolutionary Bowienet. Advisor for Apple, IBM, Unity, Ericsson, Teenage Engineering, MoMA, V&A and many others.
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Fatemeh Miri

Fatemeh Miri is a machine-learning engineer and light artist with deep interest in neuroscience and cognitive processes. She is leading development and delivery of the sphere’s lighting from fixture design to software implementation.
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Alex Bondarenko

Alex Bondarenko is a highly skilled systems architect working in the aviation industry. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he ensures that the systems he designs and manages are efficient and effective. When he’s not working, Alex enjoys engaging in action sports and tinkering on various projects that challenge his technical skills and creativity. Alex has been volunteering to help with the lighting.
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Luke Grob

With a history of building and scaling multiple high-growth companies to over a billion dollars in revenue, Luke Grob is a seasoned venture builder. He is passionate about optimizing organizational architecture and nurturing teams for success. Presently, Grob is spearheading the global expansion strategy of the Sonic Sphere, intending to make it available in every major city across the globe within the next five years.

Polina Zakharova

Lights Artist
Polina Zakharova is a multimedia artist and a founder of the Hard Feelings Studio. A creative visionary, her expertise includes CGI, 3-D mapping, laser programming, lighting, interactive installations, and set design. She works mostly in music and fashion where she created CGI worlds for The Weeknd, Drake, Post Malone, Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Ian Schrager, etc. for their tours and installations. An innate artist, Zakharova brings forth an eye for the spectacular, an instinct for originality, and a diverse range of experience and knowledge that is deeply embedded in all of her creative conquests.
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Stefan Mantu

3d Artist
Architect turned visual designer, Stefan specializes in the art of 3D rendering and product/service visualization. With expertise in CGI and photorealistic rendering, he has worked with businesses across diverse industries, including architecture, design and technology. His passion for visual storytelling enables teams to bring ideas to life through immersive images and animations.
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Chester Chipperfield

Brand and Experience Director
Chester Chipperfield trained as an architect before moving into fashion and technology. He is interested in the space between these disciplines, where the built environment meets technology, and how it will better our societies and communities. He helps Sonic Sphere explore these ideas and build a sustainable way to enrich our cities.
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Rachel Harris

Light Cloths
Rachel Harris is a former software engineer turned costume designer and fashion technologist with a passion for creating whimsical and unique, wearable art. With the Sonic Sphere project, she is excited to be combining her fashion and technology expertise into experiential, immersive lighting design.
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Mike Pesavento

Mike ‘Pez’' Pesavento is a multifaceted neuroscientist, data scientist, and machine learning engineer who artfully merges technology with creative expression. As the audio-visual interaction lead for the Sonic Sphere, Pesavento expertly designs the software and data pipeline driving its entrancing spherical LED canvas. His innovative portfolio includes creating EEG interfaces for LED art installations, a brain-shaped art car, and cognitive technology exhibits featured at San Francisco’s prestigious Exploratorium.
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Martin Roth

Spatial audio
Dr. Martin Roth is a Zürich-based creative technologist specializing in the development of bespoke interactive and procedural audio solutions for compute constrained systems. His primary creative interests are in creating psychedelic, immersive experiences embodied in shared spaces (“Travelling without moving.” [Atreides]), using sound as the primary motivator (“We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.” [Wonka]). Content for these spaces are produced under the Autogen Endress alias. He has previously served as CTO of RjDj, developers of early and influential iPhone apps making generative and interactive music experiences available to the masses. He founded Enzien Audio to develop technologies allowing sound designers to write their own optimized procedural audio systems for use in music and games. Roth is formally trained in mobile wireless telecommunications systems.
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Marty Tunnicliffe-Squirrell

Marty Tunnicliffe-Squirrell is a writer-producer-director (based in Cornwall in the far southwest of the UK and originally from the East End in London) with transatlantic ambition (the Brits are coming). He brings his multifarious and self-evidently indispensable skills learned as a filmmaker to the Sonic Sphere Shed project, in the role of producer/fixer for the production.
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Istvan Csapo

Light fittings
Whether he is making maps as a software engineer by day or building a rapid prototyping factory in his garage by night, Istvan Csapo thrives on finding solutions in creative and scrappy ways. For Sonic Sphere, Csapo has helped design, prototype, and manufacture the over 400 light nodes that are the basis of the lighting system.
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Robert Rowland

Engineering, speaker brackets
Originally from Canada, Robert Rowland is a San Francisco–based mechanical engineer with a history in robotic pitching machine design (Trajekt Sports) and consumer electronics manufacturing, who is now working in the electric aviation industry on new battery-charging technologies. As a member of the Sonic Sphere project, Rowland helps to design and build various aspects of the lighting system, speaker mounting, and structure.
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Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy uses pictures, sounds, and words to tell stories, explain things, and demonstrate stuff that doesn’t yet exist.
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Anthony Gagliardi

Anthony Gagliardi is a registered architect and co-founder of Almost Studio, a design firm based in Brooklyn that imagines exhibitions, castles, installations, urban design, furniture, fashion runways, residences, storefronts, and art festivals. He has collaborated on the design and logistics toward NYC approvals for Sonic Sphere.
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Dorian Booth

Dorian Booth is co-founder of Almost Studio, a design firm based in Brooklyn that imagines exhibitions, castles, installations, urban design, furniture, fashion runways, residences, storefronts, and art festivals. He has collaborated on the design and logistics toward NYC approvals for Sonic Sphere.
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Benjamin Carter

Benjamin Carter is an artist and designer working across glass, furniture, and large-scale structures. Originally from New Zealand, he now works primarily in Boston and Providence. His work includes contributions to projects with architects including Bjarke Ingels Group, Heatherwick Studio, and Foster + Partners, and artists including Zintaglio.
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Tuan Hoang Le

Tuan Hoang Le is the owner of 2dash1, a one-stop studio for all metal and wood designing needs out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Le’s work can be seen in many reputable venues throughout the southeast and in Las Vegas. His pieces are unique and noticed instantly by industry professionals from builders to interior designers and more. His passion for his craft on any project is unmatched, which is why he was chosen to provide the fabrication for the Sonic Sphere project.
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Lyra Levin

Lead Rigger
Lyra Levin's mechanical engineering and aerial circus backgrounds converge as lead rigger for the Sonic Sphere. Past projects including a 16-ton mech (MegaBots, Inc.), ultra-portable piano keyboard (Miselu), and musical tesla coils (Coup de Foudre) frolic at the intersection of entertainment and technology. Levin creates accessible, captivating, immersive experiences and instruments to inspire and elevate the next generation of creativity.
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Patrick Rowland

Patrick Rowland is a certified red seal electrician and builder from Ontario, Canada. He grew up on a farm north of Toronto. He loves to ski and go on backcountry camping and portage trips. He is the chief electrician, heavy equipment operator, and apprentice construction manager for the Sonic Sphere.
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Matt Kendall

Matt Kendall is an architect and educator focused on the creation of objects and spaces that are intrinsically diagrammatic, combining digital and analog techniques to reimagine tectonic frameworks. His professional experience includes work for Snøhetta, IwamotoScott, and Patterns. Parallel to this practice, Kendall has taught design studios at UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design and California College of the Arts. He received his B.Arch from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and his M.Arch II from UCLA.
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Bash Ziady

Structure lead
Bash Ziady possesses a diverse range of skills and experiences in engineering, design, and operations. These talents have led him to be involved with a variety of international projects on land and water, ranging from converting an industrial barge to designing custom lighting systems for Glaxia. As structural lead for the Sonic Sphere, Ziady is responsible for the assembly and construction of the sphere.
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Jo Zeng

Site operations
Jo Zeng is an accomplished leader with over 15 years of experience in making technical products and tools accessible to anyone. As the quartermaster for the Sonic Sphere at The Shed, Zeng oversees the technical site operations and staging of build materials and tools, and works closely with on-site union management and build operations teams to make this innovative technology available to the public.
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Ember Brash

social media
Ember Brash is a blindfolded aerial lyra performer who enjoys using movement as her chosen form of expression to create a captivating visual experience for her audience. She helps out as junior butler.
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