Fey 1
Chateau du Feÿ, France
April, 2021

Sonic Sphere's innovative and cost-effective design breaks barriers in expanding human consciousness. We've meticulously crafted every element to ensure an immersive, life-altering experience:

  • Dome Construction: Utilizing a compact kit from Build with Hubs, we constructed two spherical domes for just $400, joined together for a fully enclosed sphere.
  • Speaker Rig: With two 5.1 surround sound systems, we achieved a 360-degree, 2D sonic experience.
  • Sound Card: Focusrite Saffire 10 I/O offers exceptional audio quality.
  • Software: Ableton Live handles all track playback.
  • Lighting: Sound-reactive LED strips effortlessly synchronize with the music, providing a captivating visual experience.