London, UK

Sonic Sphere: The Ultimate Journey into Consciousness

Transformative Upgrades to the Sonic Sphere Experience

Embrace a heightened state of consciousness as you immerse yourself in Sonic Sphere's latest evolutions:

  1. Dome Construction: Our refined geodesic dome design, using Build with Hubs kits, offers a seamless, immersive experience.
  2. Speaker Rig: Dive into a full 3D audio experience with 32 Presonus speakers and a powerful subwoofer, arranged in a 10/10/10/2 configuration.
  3. Sound Card: Our upgraded sound setup features Cymatic soundcards (Utrack 24 and LP16) tethered to a MacBook Pro.
  4. Software: Reaper DAW is employed for its affordability, flexibility, and compatibility with 3D audio formats.
  5. Lighting: We're focusing on perfecting the sonic experience before reintroducing a stunning visual dimension.

Sonic Sphere: Rethinking and Refining

As we showcased our most recent prototype at the Open City Documentary Festival in London, we gathered valuable insights for future development. By embracing continuous improvement, we're building a Sonic Sphere that's easily accessible and transportable, without compromising on the richness and depth of the audiovisual experience.

Discover a New Dimension of Consciousness

Step into the Sonic Sphere and let the immersive, transformative power of our meticulously crafted audiovisual experience elevate your consciousness to new realms.