Chinatown, UK
June, 2021

Sonic Sphere: A Collective Awakening

Evolution of the Sonic Sphere Experience

Our commitment to enhancing the Sonic Sphere continues with these essential components:

  1. Dome Construction: The captivating design remains the same as KA3.
  2. Speaker Rig: Consistently providing an immersive 3D audio experience.
  3. Sound Card: Reliable, high-quality sound card configuration.
  4. Software: Reaper DAW remains our trusted partner in sound manipulation.
  5. Lighting: A realm of exploration awaiting future developments.

The Irresistible Allure of Sonic Sphere

Audience feedback from our KA3 installation has revealed the undeniable magnetism of the Sonic Sphere. Despite the initial challenge of entering the dome, visitors were drawn to the experience and eager to participate. This has inspired artists and producers to express their interest in contributing to future Sonic Sphere installations.

A Vision for Collective Experience

We acknowledge the need to foster a collective experience by scaling up the Sonic Sphere to accommodate larger groups. Our goal is to create a space where the dynamic and spatial aspects of sound design can be fully appreciated, even in lively environments.

Embrace the Sonic Journey

The KA3 sound design, which features ambisonic recordings of empty nightclubs during lockdown and their subsequent reopening, offers a hyper-real sonic journey. Experience the evolution of this mesmerizing auditory adventure at Oxford Modern Art in November, where the field recordings will be integrated into a live performance. Step into the Sonic Sphere and let it awaken your consciousness, together.