Hackney, UK

Sonic Sphere: The Gateway to Conscious Evolution

Enhancements and Innovations in Sonic Sphere KA4

Delve into a new realm of consciousness with these exciting updates in Sonic Sphere KA4:

  1. Dome Construction: Improved entrance and structural stability for easy access and enhanced experience.
  2. Speaker Rig: 24-speaker configuration (5/10/5/3) for a streamlined yet powerful audio immersion.
  3. Sound Card: Single soundcard (Utrack 24) simplifying the setup process.
  4. Software: Reaper with SPARTA binauralizer plugin for remote content creation.
  5. Lighting: Showcased with an external lighting rig, adding to the visual ambience.

Redefining the Sonic Sphere Experience

The Sonic Sphere KA4 was showcased at Apiary Studios in Hackney, where we implemented crucial updates to enhance the experience. The larger scale, newly designed entrance, and more stable structure allowed for effortless entry and an even more immersive encounter.

Remote Collaboration and Live Performances

The integration of SPARTA binauralizer plugin in Reaper opened up new possibilities for remote collaboration, enabling artists from around the world to contribute to the Sonic Sphere. This exciting development has also paved the way for live performances, utilizing eurorack joysticks and CV-to-MIDI converters to dynamically pan sounds through the KA4 rig in real-time.

Elevate Your Consciousness with Sonic Sphere

Experience the expanded Sonic Sphere KA4 at our upcoming event at Oxford Modern Art, where the transformative power of sound and space will elevate your consciousness to new heights. Embrace the journey, as we transcend the limits of conventional sonic experiences together.