Oxford, UK
  • Dome construction. The entrance and base were maintained, and saw continued utility with the
  • Speaker Rig. Still 24, but we added a second subwoofer.
  • Sound card. Same 24 output sound card by Cymatic (Utrack 24) 
  • Software. Same as KA5
  • Sound format. Sounds were played through Reaper, but generated by a modular rig
  • Lighting. No lighting, yet

KA6 was really KA5 on tour, although the sonic content for KA6 was very different. As part of the Art of Noises event, I had created a piece based on multiple field recordings at various clubs in Manchester and London. These recordings were warped, edited and integrated with synthesized sounds live through an elaborate modular setup.

It's worth diving into the live set up.

This was a development of the live performance I had first tried with KA5. Another new aspect of KA6 was the incredibly little time we had for build. The whole structure needed to be set up and tested in under 4 hours, which proved possible, but only just. In the specific setting of the Museum of Modern Art Oxford gallery where people had to queue up to enter the sphere individually, or as a pair, really brought home the limitations of our current scale. Live was the future, and worked so well, but we needed to increase size, desperately.