We want to bring Sonic Sphere to everyone. We hope that one day every city has a Sonic Sphere. That vision comes to life for the first time in NYC in partnership with The Shed.


Burning Man 2022

Black Rock Desert

Aug 28

Sep 4

Where Kugelauditorium became Sonic Sphere; a tour de force, a giant leap and an experience like no other, for us and the thousands of people who visited, thank you Burning man



Feb 16

Feb 19

For those who missed us at Burning Man this summer, we’re beyond excited to be part of the amazing Loveburn Miami in Febuary 2023

Burning Man - 2023

Black Rock, NV

Aug 27

Sep 4

The Sphere returns to the burn. This time a bigger sphere, higher fidelity sound, and a totally different deployment. We can't wait to see you in deep playa.

The Shed - Summer 2023

New York

Jun 16

Jul 30

The Shed presents Sonic Sphere, a revolutionary new architectural space / multisensory spherical concert hall suspended in The Shed’s soaring McCourt Featuring immersive, 3-D sound and light explorations of innovative music created and curated by The xx, Steve Reich, Carl Craig, and Yaeji, with live performances by Madame Gandhi, Yunè Pinku, UNIIQU3, and Igor Levit